School Crossing Patrol

Cordia employs more than 400 school crossing patrollers who operate at over 350 crossings throughout Glasgow and ensure our schoolchildren cross the city’s busy roads safely.

Toting the famous 'lollipop stick', our patrollers are friendly, trustworthy and, most importantly, vigilant.

We have patrollers who have helped generations of families across the same road, as well as a husband and wife celebrating their golden wedding anniversary!

Our longest serving patroller joined the service in 1970 and still helps school children cross the road safely each day.

There is no upper age limit on the patroller role and, once trained, our patrollers have the authority to stop traffic safely and effectively whilst wearing their high visibility hat and coat. 

Many of our patrollers also help in their local schools throughout the day, taking on tasks such as litter-picking and administrative duties.