What is SPARK?

Innovation has always been at the centre of the services Cordia provides. This innovation often comes with the introduction of new technology but it can equally be about changing the way things are done or introducing a new method that was previously not thought of. Our latest initiative attempts to take the best of technology and marry this with the best of process change, we’ve called it SPARK.

SPARK is about changing the way we do things. It’s a new way of working that brings together three elements; our people; the things they do (activities); and the role they play in Cordia (services). Our aim is to provide a platform that generates useful information that will enable us to better manage the way we work, identify trends and to make important decisions by having the correct information at our fingertips.

At the moment, SPARK has two main areas of work – people and care. In SPARK people, we’ve linked our applications to our main financial system SAP to provide easy and instant access to a wide range of employee information. In SPARK care, we provide an application suite designed to control the scheduling and monitoring of service user visits in our home care service.  The solution provides real time monitoring of each service user visit carried out by the frontline staff, alerting a scheduling team if any visit has not been carried out within the agreed timeframe and also ensuring the safety of our lone worker home carers.

As we move forward and develop more elements to SPARK, more benefits will be realised.

Benefits of SPARK
  • Reduced time spent completing paperwork (more basic information will be pre-populated in forms).
  • Better technology skills (we will use technology more and learn more).
  • Better decision making (trends will be made available).
  • Long term strategy will be supported by richer information.
  • We will highlight problems before they go out of control (eg overtime control).
  • Reduced costs will follow.
  • We will create a competitive advantage as systems benefits will ultimately be passed to clients, service users etc. to allow them to access information.