Working Arrangements for MCR Mentors

Work arrangements for becoming a MCR mentor
We are committed to supporting employees who volunteer in the MCR Pathways mentoring programme with the following arrangements:-
  • Management approval onto the programme will be supported on the basis that it does not cause operational disruption.
  • Your line manager has final authority in approving your participation in the project.
  • Time off should be agreed in advance on a monthly basis with your line manager
  • If your participation in the scheme is approved, release for core activities is protected.
  • If the mentoring falls on a non-working day or time (including annual leave, sickness absence, maternity leave and all other leave arrangements) this is considered a volunteering opportunity and no payment will be given.
  • No payment will be given for travel expenses or subsistence.
  • Mentor volunteering can subsidised with the employees leave entitlements.
  • Cordia can accommodate mentoring relationships in schools within a geographic area which minimises operational disruption.
  • Where possible travel time should be incorporated into your normal commute.
  • This only applies to volunteering with MCR for mentoring
  • Any other volunteering opportunities with MCR are covered by our volunteering policy.
Core Activities
  • Registration with MCR.
  • Attendance at your MCR information session.
  • To attend your interview with MCR.
  • Mandatory MCR training sessions.
  • Weekly meetings with your mentee for up to two years
Non-Core Activities
  • School support meetings with your MCR Pathway coordinator and other school mentors.
  • Development MCR training sessions 
Recording Leave
Time off for mentoring with MCR should be recorded as paid authorised absence. You should follow the agreed process within your services authorising and recorded leave.
Programme Management
  • It is your responsibility to be satisfied that there are no conflicts of interest and that you have considered and accepted any risks.
  • As part of your training with MCR you should be made aware of the relevant health and safety requirements and associated risk assessments for the role.
  • Where you are given leave to volunteer with MCR you must comply with all relevant health and safety procedures as set out by them.