Current Vacancies

Location: Knightswood Dance School.

Location: John Paul Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB865
Miller Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB867
Carmunnock Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB868
St Bartholomew’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB869

Location: Castleton Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB862
Croftfoot Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB863
Kingspark Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB864
St Mirrin’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB866
St Bridgid’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB870
Holy Cross Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB871
Mount Florida Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB873

Location: St Bride’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB872

Location: Keppoch Campus - Cordia/FM/WPB874
Elmvale Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB877
Balornock Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB880
Miltonbank Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB883
St Stephen’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB884
St Mungo’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB885
St Roch’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB888

Location: Benview Campus - Cordia/FM/WPB875
St Martha’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB879
ST Monica of Milton’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB881
Chirnsyde Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB882
St Philomena’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB886

Location: Royston Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB887
St Catherine’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB876
Wallacewell Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB878

Location: St Vincent’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB890
Merrylee Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB892
St Monica’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB893
Tinto Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB896
St Conval’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB897

Location: St Angela’’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB889
Shawlands Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB891
Langside Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB894
Battlefield Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB895

Location: Mosspark Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB899
Craigton Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB900
St Constantine’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB902
Polloksheilds Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB904

Location: Hyndland Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB906
St Joseph’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB909
Dunard Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB911

Location: Anderson Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB907
St Charles’ Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB910
St Mary’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB912

Location: St Thomas’ Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB857
St Denis’ Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB858
St Michaels’ Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB859
Carntyne Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB860

Location: St Ninian’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB913
Antonine Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB914
Knightswood Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB915

Location: Sandwood Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB901
St Albert’s Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB905
Glendale Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB903
Our Lady of the Rosary Primary - Cordia/FM/WPB898

Location: Netherton Community

Location: Hazelwood Primary

Location: Langside Primary

Location: Sensory for Impairment

Location: North West and South Glasgow only

Location: Various locations throughout Glasgow

Location: North West and South Glasgow Only

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