Bribery Act 2010

Under, the Bribery Act 2010 it is important that staff are aware that it is a serious criminal offence to:

• offer, promise or give someone a reward to make them perform their functions or activities improperly;

• accept, agree to accept or request a reward in return for performing a relevant function or activity improperly;

• bribe a foreign public official in order to win business, keep business or gain business advantage for the organisation.

Cordia (Services) LLP will not employ individuals, nor conduct business with any individual or third party which does not abide by the terms of the Act. Any suspected contravention of the Act will be investigated, and where the organisation considers that a breach of the Act has occurred, this will be referred to the relevant regulatory authorities for further action as appropriate.

If, at any time, you suspect that there may be any breach or non-compliance with relevant procedures, you must report this to your line manager who will determine the proper action to be taken. Alternatively, you can report this via the Whistle Blowing hotline on 0141-353-9922 or on line at